About Dr. Tom

Dr Tom WagnerDr. Tom Wagner is known as an inspiring and informative speaker. His audiences include healthcare professionals, educational leaders, clergy, religious congregations, married couples, and more. Dr. Tom also maintains a private practice counseling individuals, couples, families, and organizations. His practice is grounded in nearly thirty years of experience blending research-based interventions from counseling psychology and systems theory, along with time tested wisdom from contemplative spirituality (e.g. Logogtherapy, Ignatian Exercises, Trappist Centering, Lectio Divina).

As a result of this creative blend, clients of any faith tradition, or even no faith tradition find in his work a therapy that can respectfully meet them where they are in their process of making meaning, and making progress in their lives. Dr. Tom’s work is decidedly practical, asset-based, and results oriented. His clients routinely report relief in just a few sessions. His specialties include couples’ counseling, and treatment of mood disorders like depression or anxiety. Many healthcare, and educational organizations have utilized Dr. Tom to increase resilience, lower burn out, and enliven a sense of passion and mission in their work. Dr. Tom’s workshops have helped healthcare, educational, and business professionals deliver better care for patients and students.