2 Replies to “Lightening the Load: The Healing Power of Self-Forgiveness”

  1. This was an outstanding message. Dr Tom’s messages on resilience and overcoming challenges are so easy to grasp and experiment with and APPLY.
    I love his analogy about being the parent of a Nobel Prize child-just a beautiful “take” on not taking on responsibility for others beyond what is real and true; this can be applied to caring for elders as well, especially if flaws emerge that make it hard to care for them.
    Tom is a master with metaphor and symbol and story, all the while leading us to insight and transformation
    Thank you, Tom

    1. Don, thanks for your kind and generous words. Your many years working in senior leadership in healthcare, dealing with integration of spirituality in healthcare make me want to hear your reflections on some of these topics. Perhaps this site could provide you a platform to share a reflection or two? Any chance of it?

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