Written Exercise To Be Resilient

This written exercise is a companion to a resilience video by the same name also presented on sundaymorningcafe.com

Set an alarm on your smart phone to alert you once-a-day to STOP…DROP…and SAVOR. At the same time everyday, when the alarm sounds…

STOP…whatever you were doing
DROP…whatever else you were thinking about. Carve out two minutes, and surface those times throughout the last day when you are aware of a moment of grace that occurred for you or from you for another.
SAVOR… .When an experience surfaces, relive it for just a moment, stepping back into it with your senses. In other words, visualize, hear, smell, taste, and feel the internalized experience. Let yourself savor and appreciate the past moment of grace. See if you can stay with the “savor” part of this exercise until a smile comes to your face.

Conclusion…End with an expression of gratitude. Survey the rest of your day. Resolve to fully lean into opoortunities for an upcoming moment of potential grace.

Do Not…allow this exercise to degenerate into an exercise in perfectionism or self- criticism. If your retrospection unearths a moment of personal impatience or petulance, attempt to have a compassionate laugh at yourself, and repair as needed.

Examples of what you can savor:
a cup of coffee made the way you like it
a mistake easily forgiven
a smile sent your way
a chore that is normally done, was done yet again
creative problem solving
a shared laugh
a trait of a family member was shown yet again
affection shared
leftovers creatively transformed
a favor
a greeting
improvement in some area
a decrease in a habit you don’t like
a request was honored
even a small repair took place within a conflict
the impact of something kind or generous you did
a look of delight that came your way

the look that was reflected back when you sent delight
kind words
listening to your story
honest feedback
co-parenting adventures
a sunset enjoyed
magnolias, dogwoods, redbuds, fruit trees in the spring
the incredible song of the cardinal in your neighborhood
The Zoom meeting you attended
That you want to meditate
That you did meditate

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